Should OraCare Mouth Rinse be a Part of Your Daily Dental Regimen?

OraCare is a two-part mouth rinse system that uses activated chlorine dioxide to help improve your oral health. In comparison to similar products on the market, OraCare is exceptional because it kills biofilm, fungi, viruses, bacteria, and VSC’s in the mouth. Because of its multiple benefits and uses, our dentists are now recommending OraCare for the long-term management and prevention of many oral health conditions.

So how does it work? OraCare’s main ingredient is activated chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is commonly used by many municipalities for water purification because of its ability to effectively break up biofilm.  The key to OraCare’s success is the activation process. Some oral health products use pre-activated chlorine dioxide. However, the gas escapes every time the lid of the product is opened, thus lessening its efficacy. When you combine the two OraCare solutions right before use, the efficacy of the gas being emitted is at its highest. Your tissues receive the full benefits of the activated chlorine dioxide.

BIOFILM is the “fuzzy” feeling you begin to feel on your teeth throughout the day. This sticky layer is a perfect environment for more bacteria and debris to cling to. If left undisturbed, biofilm can mature and become tartar, increasing your risk for gum disease. In the mouth wash solution, the activated chlorine dioxide remains gaseous, which gives it the ability to penetrate the slime layer of bacteria and break down the matrix that holds biofilm together.

In addition to its benefit in minimizing biofilm, OraCare mouth rinse also reduces FUNGI. Fungi cells are more complicated in nature and are harder to reach with traditional disinfectants. As a gas, chlorine dioxide is able to penetrate the protective layer around the fungi cells and cause them to leak. With their protective barrier broken, the fungi cells are unable to run the necessary functions to thrive and eventually die. Chlorine dioxide is EPA-registered biocide and is used in many industries to eliminate mold and fungi. ​Activated chlorine dioxide has been frequently described as “the best fungal eliminator known to man” and was used to clean up after Hurricane Katrina. Thrush is the most common fungi seen in a dental setting.  It presents as a thick, white film, usually on the inside of the cheeks and under partials and dentures.  Thrush can be common in immune compromised patients and after lengthy use of antibiotics.

VIRUS management is also important and essential in a dental practice. Unlike bacterial infections, you cannot use an antibiotic to treat a virus. It must simply run its course.  The chlorine dioxide in OraCare mouth rinse is effective in preventing the formation and transfer of viruses.  Like the body, viruses are constructed of protein and water and require proteins to grow and function. These special proteins the viruses need to thrive cannot form in the environment created by the chemical reaction of using chlorine dioxide. If the virus cannot grow, it will die.

Big, bad BACTERIA are no match for the activated chlorine dioxide in OraCare either! It kills bacteria through oxidation.  Oxidation causes an interruption in several cellular processes, resulting in the breaking down of molecular bonds and of the entire bacteria cell itself. This is what scientists call a “clean kill” due the fact that there is no unwanted organic compound left behind.  Because it happens so quickly, bacteria don’t have an opportunity to mutate and build up resistance.

Just like all living organisms, bacteria create a bi-product called Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSCs). VSCs are responsible for halitosis (bad breath) and have toxic effects on the oral cavity. They are most likely found in hard to reach areas such as the back of the tongue, periodontal pockets, and between the teeth.  It is impossible to eliminate bad breath without eliminating the bacteria and the VSCs.  Because the activated chlorine dioxide in the OraCare solution is in a gaseous form, it is able to penetrate these hard to reach areas. This is why OraCare is one of few products that eliminates up to 98% of bacteria and VSCs, helping to effectively manage bad breath for 12 – 24 hours.

For many years, dentists have been using chlorhexidine (peridex) for the elimination of bacteria, especially in patients with periodontal disease. While chlorhexidine is effective in killing bacteria, it does not address VSCs, fungi, and viruses. Chlorhexidine is also not designed for long-term use and can contribute to staining, tartar build up, poor lingering after-taste, and altered sense of taste. OraCare encompasses and surpasses all the positive side effects of chlorhexidine without the negative side effects that patients complain about the most.

Indications for the recommendation of OraCare include: periodontal disease, denture care, dry mouth, cancer care, and implant care. It is also recommended for orthodontic care, cold sore/canker sores, plaque control, and bad breath.

  • Periodontal disease: The largest contributors to periodontal disease are bacteria, plaque, and VSCs. Other factors contributing to the disease are fungi, viruses and occlusion, especially in more severe and chronic forms of periodontal disease. The ability of OraCare mouth rinse to penetrate the tissues and remove the factors that aggravate the condition, makes it the optimal product for the management of periodontal disease.
  • Denture care: People who wear partials and dentures are at a high risk for aggravated tissues. The micro-pores in the dental material can harbor bacteria, fungi, and VSCs. Patients in hospitals and nursing homes, where dentures may not be removed often or cleaned very well, are at a higher risk of oral infections and pneumonia. Because it works quickly, you only need to soak your denture or partial for 20 minutes. No more soaking overnight! For a denture soak, pump OraCare instructed on bottle (4 pumps from each container) and let stand for 30 seconds. Then place in just enough water to cover the denture in a small container. Let it soak for 20 minutes. After removing the denture from the soak, completely brush the inside and outside surfaces with a very soft brush dipped in the denture soak liquid.
  • Dry Mouth: Your saliva acts as a 24 hour car wash, helping to neutralize the pH of your mouth. Without this natural buffer, you are at higher risk for the viruses, bacteria, fungi and VSCs that negatively affect your tissues. Dry mouth increases your risk of decay, bad breath and Thrush. Common causes of dry mouth are medications (prescription and non-prescription), Sjogrens Syndrome, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and treatment for cancer. Because there are numerous causes, there are few people that do not experience some level of dry mouth. OraCare mouth rinse kills bacteria and yeast, two of the major results of dry mouth.
  • Implant care: Implants are becoming the preferred method for tooth replacement. Activated chlorine dioxide is the optimal choice to remove the harmful pathogens at every stage of the implant process.  Many of these pathogens are linked to implant failure.  Having a patient rinse with OraCare’s activated chlorine dioxide during all stages of implant placement will create an ideal oral environment for long-term implant success.
  • Cancer Care: Chemotherapy and radiation treatment have many side effects on a patient’s oral health, including dry mouth, infections, oral mucositis and painful ulcers.  OraCare mouth rinse can help minimize oral complications caused by treatment, keeping patients’ mouths more comfortable. Many cancer centers are adding OraCare to their multi-disciplinary approach to patients care and treatment because it is a safe and effective way to eliminate the overgrowth of microbes in the oral cavity.

Due to its wide range of indications and numerous benefits, OraCare is a great addition to any oral health care regimen! The two-bottle system is available for purchase at Perkins Dental.