OraCare Oral Cleanser

If there was a dental product that could combat periodontal disease, eliminate bad breath, battle candidiasis, control plaque, and soothe dry mouth, would you try it? Now there is!

OraCare Oral Cleanser is a two-bottle system that uses activated Chlorine Dioxide and Xylitol to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, biofilm, and VSCs – waste and toxins produced by the bacteria in your mouth. It is a glycerin-based rinse that locks moisture into your tissues. There is no lingering aftertaste and, unlike other similar prescription rinses, it does not cause staining and is approved for long-term use.

OraCare Oral Cleanser is recommended for patients with dental implants, partials, and dentures; chronic periodontal issues; dry mouth; and orthodontics. Find out today if OraCare is right for you!