Laser Technology in the Dental Office

Dental lasers are a safe and gentle alternative to traditional dental drills. They are minimally invasive and have multiple uses in practice:

Remove decay within a tooth and prepare the surrounding area for receipt of a filling

Reshape gums and tissue

Remove tissue samples (also called a biopsy) for examination by a pathologist

Speed up the whitening processes by activating the bleach solution that is applied to teeth

Dental lasers cause less pain and may reduce the need for anesthesia in some cases. They help decrease anxiety for patients who are uncomfortable with a traditional drill.  Lasers help preserve more healthy tooth during cavity removal and decrease bleeding and swelling during soft tissue procedures.

Although dental lasers have many beneficial uses, they are not appropriate for every situation. For instance, cavities located between teeth, around old fillings, and large areas that need to be prepped for a crown still require use of a traditional drill.  Drs. Gretchen and Tom are happy to discuss your individual treatment plan and if laser dentistry is right for you.