Are X-rays Dangerous?

Our practice utilizes radiographs (x-rays) to help take care of your teeth. X-rays are an important diagnostic tool that helps doctors detect damage, disease, and decay that are not visible on physical exam. Dental x-rays can show: areas of decay between teeth and underneath fillings, abscesses or cysts, bone loss due to gum disease, growth problems, effects of trauma, and the position of teeth that have not erupted yet.

Many patients are concerned about over-exposure to radiation and the impact it may have on their health. Dental x-rays use very low levels of radiation, much less than what is used in other medical settings. Our dental team takes steps to reduce the risk to our patients by taking x-ray images only when necessary, minimizing exposure to other parts of the body, and using the smallest x-ray dose possible. The overall benefit of x-rays far outweighs the risk. Still not sure? We’re happy to explain recommendations based on your individual dental needs.